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Barium Swallows, pH Probes, and Fundoplications, Oh My!!

If you’re wondering how I could possibly have more updates for you in such a short amount of time, I am too! Life has been busy, but we like it that way. Karis had her Barium swallow study this morning and aspirated (choked) pretty significantly on thin liquids (like a water or juice consistency) but […]

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Trip to Mobile and The Azalea Trail

Hello everyone! Karis and I went to Mobile this week to visit friends and family and so I could run the Azalea Trail 10K with my sister. Karis is becoming an excellent travel buddy. [youtube=] She is doing extremely well with her feedings and has not thrown up since we were in Raleigh. (This is […]

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7 Month Photo Shoot

About two months ago Keegan McWhorter was sweet enough to come take pictures of Karis at my parents’ house. It happened to be one of Karis’ worst days… full of throw up and fussiness, but Keegan still managed to capture Karis’ sweetness. What I love about these pictures is that, though she wasn’t very happy, […]

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UNC Chapel Hill Visit

I’ve attached a “video” of photos I took during our trip to UNC so you could be a part of our travels.  Below the video I will go into a little further detail about the medical aspect of the trip.  Thanks for reading!! [youtube=] Dr. Escolar and her team of Krabbe experts were incredibly kind […]

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Hi Friends =) The majority of my posts are prayer requests, but it’s time for a Praise Post =)  For those of you who I haven’t told in person, Karis has had a remarkable few days.  She has been smiling FREQUENTLY, taking long/refreshing naps, eating all her required ounces (including solids) without any vomiting, and […]

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Update for March 9, 2010

We had great appointments yesterday with Karis’ geneticist and neurologist!  We are sticking with a whole Klonopin at night and starting her on Melatonin (if I can get my hands on some in liquid form) at night to help her sleep.  Her neurologist is also writing a prescription for the occupational therapist to make special […]

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