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I'm ten months old!

I just wanted to share with everyone what I did on my ten month birthday. Love, Karis p.s. Sorry for spelling your name wrong Miss Candice 🙁 [youtube=]

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10 whole months!!

Hello sweet prayer warriors! If you’ve looked at the calendar recently, you might have noticed that tomorrow is the 29th and our little Bug is going to be 10 months old! In keeping with the spirit of 6-29, we’d be so honored if you would join us in a special day of prayer for Karis’ […]

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Heaven Stands

Hi friends 🙂 I haven’t talked about the status of enzyme therapy lately, so I thought I’d share. For those of you who don’t know, Krabbe disease is characterized by a missing enzyme, the GALC enzyme. The idea is that if we can replace that enzyme the person with the disease would essentially be cured. […]

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Pictures from today :)

Just thought I’d share some pictures I took of Karis today so you could see how much she’s growing!! My cousin Bryan came by to meet Karis on his way home to Augusta! Sleepy girl, but those eyes are still big!

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The Latest

Hello everyone, Karis had her appointment with the GI surgeon on Tuesday and it went well. We scheduled the surgery for the first week in June. If I am at all uncomfortable with Karis’ feeding abilities before then, the surgeon said that we could bump the surgery up. While Karis is under general anesthesia the […]

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Speech Therapy

[youtube=] Hello friends!! Karis had her first speech therapy session on Thursday!  Her speech therapist, Katy, is using relatively new technology called a VitalStim to strengthen Karis’ swallowing muscles.  (Check it out in the video)  The goal here is to prevent choking and enable her to swallow thin liquids.  We will also be working on […]

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