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AOG Challenge – Day 11 & Update

Okay, so the UNC update pretty much serves as everything that I’m grateful for 🙂 Please be sure to read our little prayer request at the bottom. Wonderful Things Today was our clinical evaluation day. We spent all morning and some of the afternoon talking with/ being evaluated by Dr. Escolar, Tara (NP), and the […]

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Attitude of Gratitude- Day 10

Since we have a one-day break from traveling, I thought I’d give a little update and share some gratitude. Another Month of Life Tomorrow we celebrate Karis’ 14 month birthday! Praise God! Despite some serious beach exhaustion Karis is doing wonderfully. Please, please continue in earnest prayer for her healing. The Lord has certainly answered […]

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Attitude of Gratitude- Day 9

Looks like we have a couple of days before the travels begin… so I guess I’ll continue being grateful 🙂 The Psalms Today was a hard day for a lot of little reasons. I wasn’t able to sleep last night because I was so concerned about Karis’ mortality. Normally if I preach to myself enough […]

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Attitude of Gratitude- Day 8

I love having friends and family who are movers and shakers. Anna Grantham called a local maid service (The Maids) and asked if they would be willing to donate their services to make my life a little easier. They have agreed to at least one cleaning and did an incredible job.

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AOG Challenge- Day 7

Karis’ ability to eat This might be a little ironic because yesterday I was grateful for her g-tube.  However, I’m extremely thankful that she still has the desire and ability to eat by mouth.  This is a short video of her sleepy self eating Gerber peach yogurt first thing in the morning.  Normally she gets […]

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AOG Challenge- Day 6

G Tube Today I’m extremely grateful for Karis’ g-tube.  For some reason she had an excessive amount of air in her tiny tummy today and she was horribly uncomfortable.  Instead of Karis having to just suffer through it, I was able to pull the air off her stomach and provide her with immediately relief every […]

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