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AOG Day 32- 16 months old!

Yesterday our little Love Bug turned 16 months old!! Praise God! She had a wonderful day. We watched Sesame Street for the first time and I haven’t seen her focus on something that intently since she was 3 months old. It was awesome! Needless to say, we’ll be investing in some Sesame Street videos. She […]

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AGO Day 31

Karis was very sleepy today, so after bath time she was not anywhere near ready for bed. She decided to make this video for you of her being unusually alert and ridiculously cute at bedtime… and her Mommy is thankful 🙂

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AOG Day 30

Hi friends! I’m sorry for not updating yesterday. We had a much better day. No seizures, just lots of sleeping. We kept it low-key and didn’t go to therapy or Bible study. Though we were both a little bored, I think Karis needed it. To keep in spirit with the challenge I have set before […]

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Attitude of Gratitude Day 29

Today has been a rocky day. Karis had seizures last night during the night, which has never happened before. She has had about three or four during the day today. I haven’t felt comfortable leaving her presence all day, and I’m sure she’s ready to have a little personal space 🙂 Needless to say, we’re […]

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AOG Day 28

Hi Friends! I’m sorry for the long over-due post!  I’m extremely grateful that Karis has been doing SO well.  She has been much more expressive and engaged.  The past few days she has even made some new sounds!  Crazy!  I wanted to post this video as my “praise” for this past Friday, but the video […]

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AOG Day 27

I’m so grateful that Karis hasn’t had one seizure since the horrible episodes last Thursday. Thank you for your faithfulness to answer that prayer, Lord! She has also completely stopped screaming! YAY! I’m also thankful for my sweet husband, who has been particularly wonderful lately 🙂

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