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Therapy Woes!

I hate that everything slows down or shuts down during the holidays… no matter what holiday!  Katy, our speech therapist, had to re-submit her case to Medicaid (which happens every few months) and they hadn’t approved it as of Tuesday.  Hopefully we’ll be back on track for Thursday!  Then I got a call from Candice, […]

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Christmas Day

I’m so sad that our 25 days of Advent are over!  What a precious reminder that EACH day we should celebrate the gift of Christ.  Since I don’t have a gift to open after today, I’m going to challenge myself to open the gift of His Word each day so that I can know more […]

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24th Advent Gift!

Happy Christmas Eve!! Here was our 24th gift   I have been slathering this on all day.  Thank you so much friend (whoever you are)! Today I took a huge step and went to see the latest Narnia movie at the theater with Trevor and my sister.  NOT Karis!  Ahhh!  My mom and Aunt Mary […]

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Advent Gift for 12/23/10

  The note on the knife says, “The best kitchen knife you’ll ever own- I promise!” So sweet!  I can’t wait to try it out!

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Advent Gifts 12/21 & 12/22

I had to double up again!   I got a little more help with the chocolate than I would have liked 😉

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Our 20th Advent Gift!

  Thank you ladies!  I’m sure this won’t be around long!

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