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We made it!

We finally made it home from our big trip safe and sound.  In fact, we had several blessings on our journey back.  Since you know we’re all about counting our blessings, I’ll have to share them with you. Airport security is always a big event for us.  I know the travelers behind us start rolling […]

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1/25/11- UNC Day 3

Yesterday was pretty stressful, but we all made it!  I truly can’t express how badly I want to find that last early infantile onset baby for the study.  I desperately want Karis to get the GALC enzyme in her little body.  And I desperately want the trial of the enzyme to be complete so that […]

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1/24/11- UNC Day 2

We made it safely to Raleigh last night!  There’s always plenty of airport/taxi drama, but we made it.  I was a little tickled because normally I am the one who has to get a pat down going through security, but this time Trevor had to endure the pat down.  I guess the looked at my […]

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Off we go!

Hi friends, We’re headed to UNC Chapel Hill tomorrow to see Dr. Escolar and her team.  We will be gone from the 23-26th.  This will be our third visit for the study.  If Dr. E says she’s doing well enough, Karis will go under anesthesia for a spinal tap, nerve conduction study, and MRI.  Karis had a […]

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Updates and Prayer Requests

We’ll have to start with the good news first!  Karis’ own, personal stander finally arrived!!  It can be hard to determine sometimes what she likes and doesn’t like, but I’m convinced she loves standing up tall like a big girl.  She has never once cried or complained while being in her stander.  I think it […]

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Update 1/7/11

Happy New Year!  I haven’t updated you in a while, but that’s honestly because there hasn’t been too much to say.  Karis has been doing awesome!  I had to increase her Valium a little bit because she was having some breakthrough seizure activity.  Other than being really sleepy, she has just been her precious little […]

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