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February 28th Update

Hi friends! I’m so sorry it has been so long since I’ve updated you on Miss Karis.  We’ve had lots of sleepless nights and are trying to find just the right balance for Karis’ needs right now.  Since coming home from the hospital she started struggling with seizures, which isn’t at all uncommon after battling […]

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Home sweet home!

We were discharged yesterday from the hospital!!  YAY!  The doctor said she’s certainly not 100% over the pneumonia, but she’s well over the acute phase.  They sent us home with a nebulizer so we can continue to do Albuterol treatments for the next week or so.  Then we will send the nebulizer back where it […]

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Hospital Update 2/13/11

Overall, Karis has been doing much, much better today.  We have seen so much more life in her as she squirms, stretches, and kicks her little legs.  Her OT said that Karis was moving more for her today than she normally does in occupational therapy.  We tried to go without oxygen again today and Karis […]

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Hospital Update 2/12/11

Karis was more herself this morning and seemed to have a bit more energy.  I think getting food is helping her feel better! We tried to take her off of oxygen today but I believe it was too much a little too soon.  She did well at first but her oxygen saturation steadily dropped as […]

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Karis in the hospital with pneumonia :(

Hi friends! First of all, I hate that I’m just now able to get this posted to ask for prayer!  I’m sorry to not keep you better updated, but the last 2 days have been a whirlwind. Since coming home from UNC about two weeks ago, Karis has been really struggling with secretions, which is […]

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Much to share

Hi friends,  We have had many blessings since my last post, but I’d like to begin this one asking for prayer for my friend Sarah in the UK.  Her daughter Daisy passed away last night from Krabbe.  She would have been 10 months old tomorrow.  Please pray that Sarah would know Jesus and His comfort, […]

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