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23 Months Old!!!

YAY for 23 months of Karis!! Thank you to those of you who have already marked your calendars or taken mental note that it is the 29th and spent some time in prayer for Karis’ healing. Today has been a very special day for me as well.  I was excited to see that Scott Moore was preaching at […]

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Grace Community

Yesterday our home church in Mobile, Alabama, Grace Community, celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Karis was born while we were members at Grace and they have not stopped praying for her since the day she was diagnosed.  I will never forget the very special evening of prayer held at Grace when Karis was 6 months old.  […]

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Update 5/19/11

As I type this I am rocking Kales with my right foot, holding Karis’ nebulizer treatment to her face with my left hand, and typing with my right hand while praying that the Lord will keep me awake for another hour and a half to give Karis her midnight dose of Prednisone. Evenings are the […]

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Update 5/18/11

Sweet Karis is still really struggling with wheezing and chest congestion.  We have started her on a brief stent of steroids to help decrease the inflammation in her airways.  Please pray that it will act quickly and she will be able to get off of it soon.  The steroid in combination with her albuterol nebulizer […]

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Respiratory struggles

Hi friends!  Our Karis is struggling again and could use your prayers!!  Let me give you a brief back story: We got back from Mobile last Tuesday.  Wednesday morning Karis woke up with incredible chest congestion and wheezing.  While we were gone they had to remove the chimney and fireplace in our living room due […]

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Karis and her “stuff”

Since I described all of Karis’ equipment in a previous post, I thought it would be neat to share pictures with you.  Karis also has a nebulizer for breathing treatments (which we haven’t needed lately!), an oxygen saturation monitor, and an apnea monitor.  Praise God for the ways that He has used equipment and technology […]

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