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Karis is two :)

I don’t even know where to begin! GREAT is His faithfulness!! Thank you for your faithful “6/29” prayers! If you feel led, we would be honored if you joined us in prayer and fasting (whatever that looks like for you) today as we continue to plead with the Lord to heal Karis this side of […]

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What is Karis doing?!

May 28th I recieved a text message from a sweet friend of mine that said, “Just praying that the Lord would give Karis back to you.”  The next day Karis starting moving.  She has been opening her eyes, engaging, and moving in ways we haven’t seen in months and months.  I have absolutely no explanation […]

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All kinds of updates!

#1-  Happy two month birthday to our precious little Kales!!  It feels like she was just born- especially since I’m pretty sure I suffered a hairline fracture to my pelvic bone during delivery.  Kales likes to make a lasting impression…ha!  She is hysterical and continues to be an absolute joy.  #2-  THANK YOU all so much […]

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Help =/

Hello friends! As you know from my previous posts, Karis’ health care team said that we would need a complete air duct cleaning and a thorough, professional cleaning of the home (dusting the walls, etc) before they felt our home would be safe for Karis to return to. We had been waiting to hear back […]

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