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Pneumonia 11/29/11

It happened so suddenly.  Yesterday morning Karis was fine and last night we were admitting her to the hospital for pneumonia.  The pneumonia is in her left lung and she is really struggling with it.  She has a great deal of congestion in her chest in addition to the fluid in her left lung.  She is […]

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Hi friends 🙂 We have SO much to be thankful for this year.  We were able to celebrate Karis’ FIRST Thanksgiving not spent in the hospital!  Praise the Lord!  We are still battling seizures, but they have gone from 3 a day to about 1 every day.  We’ll take what we can get!  Her breathing […]

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Jesus is all we have

My song for this autumn morning: “Out of my bondage, sorrow and night,  Jesus, I come; Jesus I come. Into thy freedom, gladness and light. Jesus I come to thee. Out my sickness into thy health. Out of my wanting and into thy wealth. Out of my sin and into thyself. Jesus, I come to […]

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Thank You, Bob Kauflin

Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace Music (and former member of GLAD) has written a song that expresses our prayers for Karis. Thank you, Bob. Here it is: The song expresses both my tearful trust that the Lord has given us Karis to proclaim his grace and my pain over her brokenness. I long for […]

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Prayers for Karis

Hi friends. Karis needs your prayers.  For the past two weeks or so she has been groaning and her seizures are starting to build back up.  We have been increasing her medications slowly and yesterday she went 24 hours without a seizure.  Seizures are dangerous and it’s heartbreaking to watch her go through them.  From what […]

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