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Two and a half years

Today we celebrate Karis’ half birthday!  Our sweet girl is going strong at two and a half years old!  Thank you for devotion to pray for Karis.  We recognize that we are completely dependent upon the Lord for every breath that Karis (and ALL of us) takes. As always, we would be honored if you […]

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On the Mend

Dear Friends, Thank you for your continued prayers for Karis. Though she is still feeling pretty weak, she’s definitely on the mend from pneumonia. Last night she was congested and needed a good bit of suctioning, but after a breathing treatment this morning she’s back to sounding clear as a bell. The seizures are still […]

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Hospital Update- Day 9

For some reason, every morning Karis’ oxygen saturation levels have been taking a nose dive.  She doesn’t seem in distress, her levels just drop inexplicably.  This afternoon she has perked right back up and is resting at close to 100% (healthy people walk around with an O2 Sat of 97-100%).  These weird episodes have been just […]

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Hospital Update- Day 8

Hi friends, The doctors have been hesitating to let Karis go home. The infection from pneumonia has cleared up, but now that all the congestion has been loosened, her oxygen levels are suffering. It is going to take a while for her to get all the congestion out of her chest and we want to make sure […]

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A hospital video 12/2/11

Karis wanted to say, “hello” to eveyone who has been praying for her. She is doing a little better this morning, but still has a ways to go. I put her in her Bingo chair for about 45 minutes this morning and she did awesome. I think our sweet girl was glad to not be lying […]

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Pneumonia Update

Hi friends, We are still in the hospital with Karis.  The balance between treatment and rest for Karis is a fine line.  She needs frequent treatment (chest percussion therapy, cough assist, nebulizer treatment, and IPV) but it’s fatiguing her so much that she doesn’t have the strength to cough.  If she doesn’t cough for us, this […]

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