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We Get a 29th!

So grateful for Karis   The Lord knew we needed a Leap Year!  Please pray for Karis as we celebrate 32 months of God-given life.  Each month I’ve felt more of a sense of urgency to pray for total healing.  I’ve been looking back at old pictures of Karis and pleading with the Lord for […]

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Needing some help

Hey friends, I feel like I’m literally swallowing pride as I type this, but the truth is that we need your help.  We have been searching for a while for something supportive that Karis can use to sit on the floor and play with her sister (or us!).  Karis has recently started using the StraddleSitter […]

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With affliction comes blessing

Earlier this week we had to take Karis to the ER because she had signs of a urinary tract infection.  The amazing ER staff had us in and out within two hours with the confirmed UTI diagnosis.  I was so mad.  I was mad at the gallstones.  I was mad at Krabbe.  I was mad […]

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A Little Pick-Me-Up

After a couple of weeks of feeling absolutely puny and pitiful, we decided Karis needed  a little something special just for her.  Our friend Diane (a self-taught and AWESOME stylist) came over to give Karis her very first hair CUT!  This is no trim, folks.  I noticed that when she would sit or lie down […]

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Lily’s Prayer

I know I’ve expressed before how my faith on Karis’ journey has been impacted by your children.  I’m convinced that the faith of the children at Grace Community Church ALONE is enough to move mountains.  Sweet little Sophie’s class at Perimeter Church made Karis cards to remind her that they were praying.  These precious children aren’t […]

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February 6, 2012 Update

Dear friends and family, I am sorry it has taken me a while to update you on our girl.  Truthfully, I’ve been waiting for something conclusive to tell you.  I think it’s best to update you and ask for more specific prayer despite the ambiguity.  I mentioned briefly in the last post that the urologist […]

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