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At the House

Thanks to coughing, clear lungs, and the grace of God, we were able to bring Karis home on Friday.  She has done really well and her oxygen has stayed above 95% on room air.  (We have oxygen at home, but thankfully don’t have to use it!) Karis was doing SO well that we attempted to go to […]

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Bright green. The unseen. Funny Mommy things.

For those of you who don’t know from Facebook, Karis has been in the hospital the past four nights due to pneumonia.  We caught it really early, so we think the infection is under control (after some antibiotic swapping).  The problem is, Karis is incredibly weak from all of the respiratory therapy and the pneumonia.  She just isn’t […]

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Almost Normal

  Thank you all so much for your prayers and financial help in getting us to Pittsburgh to see Dr Escolar.  Pittsburgh is really a lovely city and it was very easy to get to all of her appointments either walking or via hotel shuttle. I was a little anxious for Karis to have her […]

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