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“With it”

Today I posted a prayer request on Facebook for Karis to be alert and awake during therapy.  She is adjusting to a new medication dose and has been sleeping non-stop.  She woke up as soon as we got to Batson Children’s Hospital and was ready for work.  Not only was she awake, but she was […]

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Slower is better

As you may remember, in March we took Karis (and Kales) to her appointment at the Rare Disease clinic in Pittsburgh.  The comprehensive report summary from all disciplines came back today.  This report includes impressions from the doctor, audiologist, speech therapist, physical therapist, etc.  Normally when we get these reports I take a deep breath and […]

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The Lord has overwhelmed me as I watch you all love Karis.  I watch the Lord work in amazing, tender ways as He prompts you to pray for her.  I have also seen a different kind of love, a unique love that God has given to certain people and it often brings me to tears.  […]

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