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For Karis’ birthday this year her Mimi and Grandad (Sandra and Steve Almy) got her some adaptive toys, one of which has a big switch on it, like the one we sometimes use in therapy.  I thought we might attempt “off” and “on” again, and look at what she did!  

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Portuguese? Yes, Please! +Karis Rocks

Hi friends! We are very excited to introduce the new Pray For Karis card in PORTUGUESE! Our wonderful and talented friend Matheus translated them and we are thrilled to have our Portuguese-speaking brothers and sisters interceding for Karis with a clear understanding of the disease she’s fighting. Speaking of prayer, Karis has been fighting more […]

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Karis’ THIRD Birthday!

Hi friends! I made a little video to show you what Karis did on her third birthday 🙂

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