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Your sister’s keeper

I haven’t had a chance to post any pictures of Karis’ hospitalization, but here they are from start to finish. On my way back from the hospital one day I heard this song by Matt Maher and it really hit home during this season. The Lord has provided us with SO many people these past […]

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A PICU Update

I’m sorry I haven’t updated Karis’ blog in a while.  Tomorrow will be 18 days in the pediatric intensive care unit at Batson and unfortunately we aren’t done yet.  Karis is OFF the ventilator and stayed off, which is an overwhelming praise.  She has been on the bipap machine 24/7, except for respiratory treatments.  The […]

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What Courage Smells Like

“Fear” has been a big theme in my prayer time lately. I truly want to have no gods before the Lord God, including Karis or her healing. However, as I watch Karis’ friends go to Heaven I have been crippled by fear that He is going to take her, too. The bottom line is, I […]

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