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8 weeks and tired. 40 months and grateful.

Dear friends, I’m so sorry I haven’t updated you since Karis’ trach surgery.  I realize that many of you who care and pray for Karis look on Facebook for updates, but I thought it might be helpful to do a “big picture” post. Karis came through the surgery and anesthesia beautifully, glory to God! We […]

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Surgery Monday, October 22

After much prayer and a LOT of conversations, Trevor and I have decided it would be best for Karis to have a tracheostomy.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, inserting a trach is a surgical procedure in which they create a small opening in the neck to provide more direct […]

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And…we’re back

If you haven’t gotten a prayer request or seen a Facebook update yet, sweet Karis is back in the PICU. When we got home from the hospital on September 28th we all started sneezing.  Karis was the last to start sneezing.  I stayed on top of her breathing treatments (The Vest and cough assist) every four hours […]

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