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Stone Update, As Promised

Hello kind friends and prayer warriors, Today we went in for a check up with Karis’ palliative team.  I brought the pieces of stone that she passed to submit to urology for examination and expressed to her palliative care doctor that there had been changes in her voiding patterns.  I was curious to see what […]

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Kidney Stone Update

This morning Karis had her follow up appointment and X-Ray to check on the status of the large kidney stone they found last Thursday that was lodged in her ureter (directly above the bladder). We went for the X-Ray first and fortunately the X-Ray team on staff this morning had all seen Karis in the […]

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Specific prayer request

Hi friends and family, Thank you for being patient with me as I am slow to update you on Karis and the family.  What brings me to my keyboard today is the need for your very specific prayers over this next week.   Hang with me as I elaborate: As you may or may not […]

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