Kidney Stone Update

This morning Karis had her follow up appointment and X-Ray to check on the status of the large kidney stone they found last Thursday that was lodged in her ureter (directly above the bladder).

We went for the X-Ray first and fortunately the X-Ray team on staff this morning had all seen Karis in the PICU or ER and recognized us immediately. The tech spent a little extra time with me looking for the stone and she said it was hard to discern if it’s in the bladder or ureter because it’s just so close. I knew by Karis’ reactions to our bumpy ride to the hospital that the stone had definitely not dropped to the bladder. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t do another ultrasound. The ultrasound showed the precise location of the stone and we were even able to measure it and see urine flow around it. The X-Ray barely showed a blur.

Regardless, the stone is still there and the urologist agreed to let us continue to watch her and have it re-checked in four weeks. There is definitely still a possibility that the stone could shift in such a way as to completely block urine flow from the left kidney. If that were to happen it would be extremely painful and dangerous and we would have to take her in for surgery immediately.

On top of the breakthrough kidney stone pain, Karis is also struggling with some sort of virus or allergies. Her nose is running, eyes, are puffy, and she is sleeping quite a bit (which I still consider to be a mercy).

Please, please continue to pray for the stone to shrink and move *painlessly* into her bladder and out of her body. Please pray for wisdom as her nurses and I make every effort to facilitate that happening. Last Sunday our elders lovingly anointed Karis with oil and joined all of you in your prayers for her.
I am confident that God will not be confined to any time line in Karis’ life.
I am confident of His faithfulness to her.
I am confident that He treasures each of your prayers for His little Karis.

I will keep you updated as we watch and pray.

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  1. Susan Biddle
    Posted July 16, 2015 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

    Greetings Katie:
    I will be praying for Karis to pass her kidney stone as swiftly and painlessly as possible. Having had kidney stones myself, I personally know how painful they are and I am glad Karis has constant attention for her pain.
    I pray for Karis all the tine since I learned of her through Jill Kelly’s posts. Your daughter is a beautiful angel and I know God hears our prayers for her.
    Many blessings from my family in southwestern PA. Susan Biddle

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