Stone Update, As Promised

Hello kind friends and prayer warriors,

Today we went in for a check up with Karis’ palliative team.  I brought the pieces of stone that she passed to submit to urology for examination and expressed to her palliative care doctor that there had been changes in her voiding patterns.  I was curious to see what things were looking like after the pieces came out and somewhat concerned that a remaining piece may be causing blockage.

Apparently there was discussion that the 4mm piece of stone she passed could have been from the RIGHT kidney, which contained a stone that was 4mm.  With this possibility in mind, her doctor graciously agreed to coordinate with urology to get us in for an ultrasound (which made for a very long morning at the hospital!).  The ultrasound technician viewed her right kidney first and found the 4mm stone still there.  She said it was small enough to pass and would not cause any blockage if it ever dropped from the kidney.  The left kidney showed two stones even smaller that what was found in the right kidney.  She scanned her bladder last and looked at the junction where the ureters should connect…there was nothing there.  NOTHING.  She told me, “There’s no ureter!”  I looked concerned and she laughed and clarified: The only time you can visualize the ureter on ultrasound is when there is a kidney stone dilating it.  I replied, “Oh good! I thought for a minute we had prayed the ureter away” 😉

The large pieces that of stone that Karis passed were indeed the 8mm stone blocking her left ureter.  There is absolutely no trace of it left. Thank you Jesus!

Of course we can’t look into Karis’ body without finding something suspicious.  The ultrasound technician found portions of her abdomen that had “free fluid.”  It makes sense because her abdomen has looked a little distended to me.  We are not sure exactly what has caused it.  I will address it with her palliative care doctor when we get the “final report” from the ultrasound.  Pressure caused by this free fluid could cause bladder emptying problems, which could explain some of the voiding problems she has had recently.

Thank you all for praying.  We are thrilled to rejoice with you in answered prayer.  {Quick reminder: The urologist said there was a less than 50% chance that this was possible! *Luke 18:27*}

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  1. Glenda Batchelor
    Posted July 30, 2015 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

    God is not out of miracles!! This is great news!! Prayers that the free fluid will not be a major problem! Love to all!!

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