April 2016

Friends I’m so sorry it has been such a long time since I’ve done a comprehensive update on our girl and our family.

We are not verIMG_0422y deep into 2016 and it has already been a very eventful year.  Miss Karis had pneumonia twice last Winter so we have been very careful with her this Spring.  Overall she is doing very well and we couldn’t be more proud of her.  In school, she is working hard on her pencil grip using a grip support her teacher brought for her.  She can write when we support her elbow and forearm to make the motions!  I have prayed specifically for Karis to be able to communicate more clearly with us.  The past few weeks she has done a great job using her eye gaze and even turning her head to show us what she wants 🙂 YAY Karis!

Her biggest fan, Kales, turned FIVE whole years old on April 4th.  If you’ve been within a 10 foot radius of her this week, you’ve heard all about it 😉  She is such a to our family.

Kales stretching Karis' fingers

Kales stretching Karis’ fingers

We celebrated Ander’s second birthday in February.  Ander loves to be tickled by his big sister Karis and enjoys using her as a race track, zooming cars up her legs and down her arms.  He adores Kales, who has assumed the role of Ander’s life coach.The Lord has been so incredibly kind and generous to us.  We feel Christ’s nearness and love for us as He has provided several opportunities for us to rely more fully on Him.

  • Since last Summer, half of our home has sunk just over six inches.  The drop has had significant consequences on the structure of our home.  Because of the cracks in our foundation our living room floods every time it rains.  I mean- there is a kiddie pool of water in the middle of our living room every time there is a steady rain.  We’ve done all we know to do, but the issue simply won’t be resolved until we have the foundation repaired.  The structure is separating from the roof, causing large gaps where the roof and walls should meet.  Several of our doors don’t close, the windows in Karis’ room are crooked, there are cracks in the sheetrock throughout the house and the brick on the outside of the home is separating. Please pray for wisdom as we pursue speedy repair to prevent further damage to our home.
  • Last week I found quite a bit of water in the cabinets behind our bathroom wall.  I consulted with a plumber who concluded that there is a crack in the pipe that supplies water to our shower.  They are going to have to remove our sink and vanity so they can rip through the wall to get to the shower.  Basically, it’s a hot mess.  Our insurance company’s field adjuster is coming on Monday to estimate the extent of the damage, but I’m extremely hopeful that insurance will help cover this cost.  Please pray with us to that end!
  • As some of you may have heard, last week Trevor was in the hospital for five days.  Please pray that he recovers quickly!

As you can imagine, our family was not prepared to meet our entire insurance deductible all at once, especially while trying to gather and save funds for the extensive repairs that need to be done on our home- ASAP (approximately $22,000, including re-installing the floors).  We humbly ask for your prayer for wisdom and endurance during this particularly trying season.  We have also been overwhelmed by the generosity of our community and the body of Christ as many of you have rallied to come to our family’s rescue.  If you feel led to help, our amazing friends have provided several opportunities!

  1. My dear friend and Rodan and Fields business partner, Amanda Ready, has started a GoFundMe account for our family.  Funds donated here will go directly towards the $22,000 foundation repair:  https://www.gofundme.com/thealmys
  2. Kickball for Karis!  If you are in the Spanish Fort/Mobile area this Saturday 4/9 from 1-4pm, we would love to see you and Spanish Fort High School’s annual fundraiser for precious Karis!  Attendance is free and donations are welcome. Learn more about it here:

3.  5K for $5 with Stinkyfeet Athletics July 21st!!  My chiropractor recently shared with me about these really great fundraisers that Stinkyfeet Athletics is doing this year.  He asked if he could mention our family to the owner as a possible “charity” for one of their 5K for $5 events- and Stinkyfeet said YES!  I’ll keep you updated as we learn more details about this event!  Local friends, please visit and patronize Stinkyfeet Athletics at www.stinkyfeetathletics.com.  Also, if you are in need of chiropractic services, please pay a visit to Dr. Justin Brumfield.  I have had chronic, miserable pain with a bulging disc in my lower back and he has been incredibly helpful.  He practices out of Norville Chiropractic Clinic at 1000 Lakeland Square Set 400 in Flowood. The office # is 601-932-3855.  Tell him you’re friend of the Almys 🙂

4.  Rodan + Fields If you’d like to support my business and learn more about some phenomenal skin care, please talk to me about being a customer, consultant, or connector! 

5.  PayPal  I have had several people ask if the PayPal link on this site is still active.  Yes, it is! My PayPal email address is katealmy@gmail.com (under “Kate” instead of Katie).  PayPal donations will go primarily towards the bill from Trevor’s hospital stay, and then towards the foundation.

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers!  It’s humbling to be in such a position of need, especially when life hits you all at once…but my Bible says that being humbled isn’t such a bad thing 😉


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  1. Linda Burgess
    Posted April 13, 2016 at 6:20 am | Permalink

    Please update more often.

  2. Katie Beardmore
    Posted May 22, 2016 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    We have recently moved to Australia and were sitting around the dinner table and wondered how Karis was doing? I am thankful to hear that the Lord continues to sustain you and your family. Press on for Christ.

    • Katie Almy
      Posted May 22, 2016 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

      AUSTRALIA!!! How exciting!! Thank you for remembering us, dear friend <3 yes, He sustains!

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