May 29, 2016

Our beautiful little “starter home” has turned out to be a lemon.  HA! I still love it and I’m still thankful for it.  The leaking in the bathroom I mentioned in the last post ended up being a result of the foundation damage- meaning insurance and our homeowners warranty won’t touch it.  So we lean into Christ just a bit more.

The foundation repair will take place the beginning of June and the floors will be replaced as soon as the repair is done.  The master bathroom has to be gutted because of damage caused by the leaking.  We will displaced from our home for over a week. Would you please pray with us that Karis will remain extremely stable and her equipment will behave and function properly while we are away?

We are truly indebted to those of you who have brought us before the Lord in prayer and/or donated to our family as we face what seem to be insurmountable expenses.  For now, it looks like He has just called us to be “daily bread” kind of people, and that’s okay 🙂

In Karis news, I had a very exciting IEP meeting with her teacher and Clinton Park special needs coordinator regarding Karis’ continuing education for the Summer! The coordinator attended a seminar this Spring regarding communication devices and we have come up with a plan to implement some of them with Karis.  The coordinator is going to work with Karis this Summer and teach her how to use the device.  We have attempted to communicate with Karis via eye gaze, but it’s not always reliable because she struggles with nystagmus (where her eyes involuntarily move rapidly- very frustrating when she’s trying to focus on selecting her “choice.”)  Since we still has some voluntary movement with her head, we are going to place switches behind her ears, so that she will be able to make selections with the slightest effort to turn her head.  We are all very optimistic that this could be the answer for her!

One month from today Karis will turn SEVEN YEARS OLD and I will be feasting instead of fasting!  I wish I could tell the the version of myself who started this blog so many years ago that I would be typing those words 6 years later.  But I didn’t need to know the future in order to experience the power of Christ’s sustaining grace…upon grace, upon grace.  And that’s the same grace I’m going to rely upon for the next 7 years, then the next, then the next, until I get to see Him face to face.

Thank you all for caring for our family <3


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  1. Marilyn Reed
    Posted April 29, 2017 at 5:56 am | Permalink

    I had not looked at your blog for a long while, but thought to check it out today because I still think of Karis. I hope you post some new news soon…it’s been a whole year. It’s been quite a year for me as I approach (this Thursday) my second brain surgery for a second aneurysm…which may explain why I hadn’t thought to look up your blog for awhile. I hope and pray all of your family are doing well and just busy with family stuff. Hope the house situation worked out okay. Blessings to your family & especially sweet Kari’s.

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