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Specific prayer request

Hi friends and family, Thank you for being patient with me as I am slow to update you on Karis and the family.  What brings me to my keyboard today is the need for your very specific prayers over this next week.   Hang with me as I elaborate: As you may or may not […]

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A sick little pancreas

Hi friends, Those of you who follow Karis on Facebook might be aware that she has had some struggles with her pancreas since January.  We’ve recently learned that Karis has chronic pancreatitis due to pancreatic enzyme insufficiency. When Winter changes into Spring Karis typically has an increase in seizures from barometric pressure changes and all […]

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A February Update

Hi friends, I’m sorry it has been so long since I’ve given a comprehensive update on Karis and our family. Kare is currently going through a bit of a rough patch.  The drastic changes in weather have her suffering with congestion and allergies.  She is currently on supplemental oxygen and breathing treatments around the clock. […]

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No, not that…silly! Our little family takes up a lot of space.  This has been true since Karis got her trach but hasn’t really been a problem since Ander started crawling (and boy can he move).  We decided to look into renting a home, but the realtor my friend put me in contact with gave […]

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Fall Family Update

Hi friends! It has been a while since I’ve updated The State of the Family so I thought I’d let you in on new prayer requests and praises. Karis has started her kindergarten year with a new teacher from Clinton Public Schools.  Her teacher is very energetic and enthusiastic about learning Karis so that she […]

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A Parable of Two Trees

Our family made a little trip south to visit my family in Mobile before school starts.  Trevor had to go back early for NEW TEACHER orientation!  He will be an English teacher at Terry High School this fall and we are praising God for His provision. Yesterday I was outside where my dad planted trees to […]

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