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AOG Day 17 & Hospital Update

Okay.  So the point of this 40 day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge is to remember that in ALL circumstances, there is something to be grateful for (didn’t realize the Lord would test me so much with my little project).  So here it goes: 1.  I’m grateful that the Lord is sustaining Karis and that she’s […]

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Doctor’s Appointment

Hi everyone! Just a quick update: Last week Karis saw her neurologist here in Jackson. It was a great appointment and the doctor had wonderful things to say about Karis, which was refreshing. She was particularly impressed by how calm and pleasant Karis is for having Krabbe. This neurologist has seen Krabbe in other patients […]

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My Birthday -by Karis

Hi everyone! Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me yesterday.  I had a WONDERFUL time and spent most of my day today recovering from all the excitement.  Lots and lots of people came to see me and I felt like a very special one-year-old.  My Mimi and Grandad drove all the way from Atlanta and then […]

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Karis is One Year Old

Welcome to the new website!! Thank you for joining us here. Normally we spend the 29th of every month as a day of prayer and fasting. I typically list some specific requests on the blog and ask for Karis’ prayer warriors to spend a portion of the day asking God to heal her little body. […]

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6.26.10 Update

Hi everyone! Karis and I are still in Mobile watering plants, feeding animals, and collecting the mail. I have been working on some oil paintings and Karis has been busy being adorable. We’ve also been busy running errands and making plans for the big BIRTHDAY PARTY on Tuesday. Karis went with Anna and me to […]

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Our Little Button!

Hello friends!! I am very disappointed that it has been so long since I’ve updated you about Miss Karis. We have been a busy little family. One of the greatest developments is that Karis finally got her g-tube “pigtail” switched out for a dainty little Mic-Key button (or Minnie button, as Trevor calls it). It […]

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